Butuh Contoh surat lamaran kerja ??

Format Surat Lamaran Pekerjaan

Melamar.com - Bagi anda yang membutuhkan contoh Format Surat Lamaran Pekerjaan Berbahasa Inggris guna mengisi lowongan pekerjaan suatu perusahaan. berikut kami berikan format surat tersebut.

  1. Name of the Receiver
  2. Designation of the receiver
  3. Name of recipient organization
  4. Dear (name of the receipting with salutation),
  5. The first paragraph of the job application cover letter includes the mission behind writing the cover letter inclusive of references. Do mention the name of referral without any confusion. Write to the point based on the subject.
  6. The second section of the cover letter consists of the sender’s skills and enclosed documents. Use bulleted points to express skills and make the cover letter impressive. Talk about the benefits and opportunities that a particular candidature can bring. The language should be effective and with zero grammatical error.
  7. The third part of the letter should be regarding the request of an apportionment and an interview schedule to discuss further opportunities. Request the receiver to stay in touch regarding the updates.
  8. Pay thanks for valuable time and for candidature consideration.
  9. Close the job application cover letter with gratitude.
  10. Mention the name of the sender.


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