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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Surat Resume Lamaran Kerja berbahasa Inggris Untuk Guru Komputer

Melamar.com - Bila anda seorang guru komputer dan mencari contoh surt resume lamaran pekerjaan, maka Anda harus sepenuhnya memperhatikan contoh di bawah ini. Contoh Surat Resume Lamaran Kerja berbahasa Inggris Untuk Guru Komputer ini telah terbukti sangat efektif untuk membantu setiap pencari kerja dalam mendapatkan pekerjaan. Pastikan bahwa Anda mengikuti setiap langkah tunggal membuat surat lamaran sebagaimana disebutkan di bawah ini dan Anda bebas untuk membuat kustomisasi berdasarkan posisi yang Anda cari.

 Resume Cover Letter for Computer Teacher Sample

Muhammad Izulhaq,
Jalan mamake 45 G,
Date: 23nd May, 2011

Mr. Agus Suratman
Personal Manager
Khilafah Institute
Jln. Aljihad 99
solo, Indonesia

Dear Mr. Suratman:

I heard about the opening for the post of Computer Teacher, which one is very appealing for me. It permits me to contribute some added value to your information technology department.

As you will see from my resume, I have five years of experience in providing fundamental programming along with computer applications to the seven standard students and providing LOGO and other applications to special education students of seven standards.

If you consider me for this post than I would like to meet you at your office some day next week at your convenient time. Then please give me a call at (123)-456 7890 to fix the meeting time and date that is suitable for you. I appreciate your consideration and time to review my cover letter and resume.

Sincerely Yours,

Muhammad Izulhaq,
Enc: resume and cover letter

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